About Me
I take my work seriously and it comes first before most things in my life. I have moved, burned bridges, and changed the course of my existence in order to pursue my passions. The greatest lesson that I have learned is that you cannot rely on others to help you achieve your goals; and that people will make up all kinds of ridiculous rumors to destroy you along the way.

I am inspired by the relationship between human and animal. I also have a love for nature, the Victorian era, and goth subculture. Canines (especially wolves) have always been my passion. As a kid I was training and showing dogs; where I was able to learn the importance of proper animal handling and husbandry. Always a creative person, I picked up my first camera at 13 and embarked on an amazing journey. I had found my calling! I owe so much to my trusty shepherd mix Zero who served as a patient model while I honed my craft. Photographing animals is how I knew I'd be able to combine the first two loves in my life and make a career for myself. In 2010, I graduated from CCAD with a BFA in Photography. My goal was to work with wolves.

Through time, my dreams have become reality. I own and operate my ambassador program Ironwood Wolves. Along with featuring our animals in creative collaborations, we take them to public venues and educate others on the importance of wolves in the ecosystem. 
William Wegman has his weimaraners, and I have my wolfdogs.

I have also been fortunate to travel and photograph countless other exotic animals throughout the country. I feel that by showing the beauty of these animals alongside the characters in my images tells a story. My hope is that it will reach even more people than my program can; to teach others to love and respect wolves (and all of nature) and that other species deserve to be here as much as we do. 

You can learn more about Ironwood on our website: www.ironwoodwolves.com 

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